Penarth pier ft max
That was worth the wait @whereisadtr 🔥 (at Motorpoint Arena Cardiff)
Festival at Sefton Park 🌞 (at Sefton Park, Liverpool)
Driving up to Liverpool on my own for the first time today ah! But well excited to get there n see everyone n unpack my stuff in new house 🙈🌚
Working at V fest was an experience to say the least.. Wonderful to see Edd tho 💘
Can we please just have a moment of silence
First selfie in new room in new house in Liverpool lol, nice to be back n excited for tonight
Good few days in London 🌃 (at Hampstead Ponds)
Made banana n peanut butter cookies holy fuck I think I died a lil (at Heaven)
TA wiv this tool (at The Tredegar Arms)
Finally got my Glastonbury disposables developed, took so long gr. Anyway, here’s me at my happiest 🌞💛 (at Glastonbury Festival)
Can’t believe it’s been exactly 2 years since I flew to Kenya, best month of ma layf. I will go back 🌞

best porn blog ever
We made a fire that burnt all night. Best penultimate night in Liverpool ⛺️🔥